The Power of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has become a powerful new marketing tool. Since the advent of social media, the advertising aspect of using social media has grown to an 8.4 billion dollar business. Any social media site has the capabilities and tools necessary to create an advertisement for a company. Facebook is currently the most popular, with 92% of marketers employing Facebook for ad purposes.

Due to Facebook’s popularity and Ronald McDonald House’s expansive following on the site, I would use Facebook to create an ad for the non-profit. I would want the ad to appear in News Feeds as opposed to the right side of the page (thus appearing on mobile devices too). For the ad itself, I would use the caption, “We are an organization dedicated to giving families everything they need so that they may focus on their loves ones. Find out how you can help,” with the link being to the RMHC Morgantown website. The text under the photo link would say, “Donate and Volunteer.” The photo I would use would be this wonderful picture, taken from the RMHC website.

rmhc photo

Such an ad would be highly beneficial for RMHC’s business, as appearing in News Feed would help in having more people discover the business. For a non-profit, awareness is a key component of the business.

Another aspect of Facebook that is appealing is that the site allows a company to set their own budget for the ad in question. The cost per click for a Facebook ad is $.024. Being a non-profit, RMHC could run the ad during select times for short periods, such as a week. The control afforded by Facebook over ad budgets and runtimes can make advertising on Facebook much more manageable for RMHC.

To reiterate, social media advertising has become a boon for marketers in any industry. For RMHC, Facebook makes sense to reach the much-appreciated volunteers that donate their time to the company. LinkedIn may be a potential avenue for appealing to other business (for donations), but for the purposes of increasing awareness, Facebook is the clear winner amongst the competitors.



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One thought on “The Power of Social Media Advertising

  1. I think the caption you used for your ad is strong and attention grabbing. Combined with the pictures of cute babies, I believe you will get a high click rate and a lot of new web traffic coming to the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Morgantown.

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