LinkedIn for the Non-Profit: Ronald McDonald House

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site designed to help both employees and employers further their career goals with various networking tools. Founded in 2003, the social networking site has grown tremendously since then to become the most popular form of professional online networking.

My chosen organization, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown, does have a LinkedIn page. The company page has 135 followers, most of whom are employees, past and current. The page contains information regarding the organization including year founded, size of the company, the website link, and industry type. Furthermore, the “Summary” section has several paragraphs detailing what RMHC does and how the company achieves its goals.

LinkedIn has great potential for appealing to RMHC’s audience. Since LinkedIn is becoming more and more of a required network for college students, RMHC can appeal to volunteers and potential employees. In addition, RMHC can leverage LinkedIn to connect with other companies to create professional, mutually-beneficial relationships.

However, while the current RMHC LinkedIn page does contain adequate information, more could be done. The best way to leverage LinkedIn and appeal to the target audience would be for the company to begin publishing blogs and posts on LinkedIn. These posts could be summaries of events, stories of families the company has helped, or non-profit related posts. Such type of posts are the best way for RMHC to get noticed by either side of the target audience through LinkedIn, showing the audience exactly what the organization does. At least one post per week would be beneficial, with the potential for more posts dependent upon events held.

While the current LinkedIn page is not lackluster in information given, RMHC Morgantown could certainly do with using LinkedIn for more than just a summary section. To revive the page from inactivity, published posts would be the best way to leverage LinkedIn to form potential, long-lasting connections.


RMHC Morgantown LinkedIn:


5 thoughts on “LinkedIn for the Non-Profit: Ronald McDonald House

  1. The Ronald McDonald House flourishes from their advertising and marketing skills. They have created such a strong brand and this charity resonates with a lot of people. I know that athletes are involved with this non-profit organization. I think LinkedIn just adds more value for the Ronald McDonald House.

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  2. I agree that promoting their successes would be greatly beneficial for their nonprofit, but I don’t think that doing it on LinkedIn is the best form of social media to use. I think posting blogs, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts would be a better way to get your nonprofit out there.

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    • Thank you for your comment!

      I agree that LinkedIn should not be the sole focus for RMHC. However, RMHC Morgantown has a strong presence on other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, while the LinkedIn profile is rather lacking. I believe there is benefit to expanding the LinkedIn profile as explained above.


  3. LinkedIn is a great way to market the achievements, values, and overall goals of any company, but it seems especially useful for promoting non-profit organizations such as yours. The RMHC does a great job of marketing/advertising, and I think LinkedIn is one of their keys to success.

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