The Future of Marketing: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that tracks website traffic. First available in 2005, Google Analytics is continously being used by businesses and marketing departments to gather information about customers.

Google provides a website called Analytics Academy dedicated to teaching prospective users how to make use of the program’s features. While challenging, using this academy can tremendously increased the skillset of any marketer, and thus, increase the potential sales. Google Analytics can also be linked with the very useful Google AdWords (Google’s keyword advertising service) to allow the two services to trade information with one another.

The most imperative feature to learn about is the ability to create report. Google Analytics allow the creation of different reports that reveal various, pertinent information. For example, content reports are able to show how much time people actually spend on the many pages of a business website, while a funnel report can show in what order people view pages. Using the report feature is critical in getting the most data available from Google Analytics.

Marketing research is oftentimes imperative to the success of a business, and Google Analytics is one of the most readily available tools for that purpose. Using the program correctly and to its full extent can lead to future planning for a business’ goal, rather than merely looking back to the past. Google Analytics is the future, and every business should be looking forward.



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