Video Streaming into the Future with Periscope


Video sharing has become a far more prevalent feature than in the early years of social media. With Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram, making and sharing videos is more popular than ever. One particular app, Periscope, was created with video streaming at the forefront. Created by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein because Beykpour wanted to be able to see the protests in Istanbul (back in 2013) instead of merely reading about them on Twitter, Periscope has only officially been available since March 26, 2015. In a mere four months, the app had amassed ten million accounts who were watching over forty years of video a day. Last December, Periscope was also named the iPhone App of the Year. Periscope seems poised to enter the lives of many more socially conscious consumers in the coming years.

Ronald McDonald House can definitely capitalize on this up-and-coming video streaming app, sort of being “ahead of the game.” RMHC could have employees, volunteers, and guests alike use Periscope to give virtual tours of establishments, show exciting events currently happening, or even to interact with other RMHC people across the globe. Here is an example of a tour being given of the RMHC Family Room, a waiting room at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Another example of possible Periscope usage would be the upcoming Brunch Around event. This fundraising event consists of RMHC partnering with the various wonderful, local restaurants of Morgantown, such as Table9, Iron Horse Tavern, and Terra Cafe. People attend these restaurants as always, with a small percentage of total earnings being donated to RMHC. The event is fun, beneficial, and a great way to discover some delicious food that is often forgotten amidst the many chain restaurants present in today’s society. People affiliated with RMHC can use Periscope, in conjunction with Twitter, to spread the word of the event, show off the yummy food (everyone loves seeing food), and encourage others to come participate.

Overall, the potential of Periscope is limitless. The app has the ability to truly explode in popularity, and RMHC can benefit from jumping on the video streaming craze early. The benefits of increased exposure, more visibility, and more volunteers and donors are all strong cases for why Ronald McDonald House should use Periscope.


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