How Ronald McDonald House Can Benefit From Social Media Events

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events in America every year. Every first Sunday in February brings an exciting football game, creative displays of marketing, and a rush of hashtags, trends, and opinions from every spectrum of the American population. Truly, Super Bowl Sunday offers a complete form of entertainment that spans across all media channels.

The TV spots for showing an ad during the Super Bowl run millions for precious few seconds. Small businesses and non-profits can rarely afford such dramatic costs to raise awareness for their brand.

Even so, there are ways to benefit from the trends for non-profits like Ronald McDonald House. Mainly, non-profits can join the madness on Super Bowl Sunday and tweet along with the commercials. Furthermore, non-profits can check for the most popular trending hashtags, apply them to a tweet, and also use a hashtag with their organization’s name to raise visibility.

Focusing more on my particular client, the Ronald McDonald House of Morgantown, I believe the charity could use events like the Super Bowl to have people become involved. For example, I think RMHC could host a Super Bowl Party, where volunteers can come and fix party foods for the families of the house and enjoy the game alongside one another. Social media would, certainly, play a huge part in getting the awareness up for the event. RMHC could also reach to other local businesses to have them involved by having them donate to the party or even be present (such as a restaurant).

The Super Bowl is an event that brings people of all manner of differences together to witness the biggest sporting event of the year, as well as laugh and, perhaps, cry at the commercials. Due to this power of togetherness, I think the target audience, ie. donors and volunteers, would be happy to support such an event of RMHC’s. Furthermore, other popular broadcast events, such as the World Cup or the Oscars, can be used for the same purpose.

Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Stadium during the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi’s Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.



5 thoughts on “How Ronald McDonald House Can Benefit From Social Media Events

  1. Having someone cook for the families during the Super Bowl would be a way to make everyone feel at home. If would give each family a little bit of time to relax and enjoy themselves. A unique hashtag along with Super Bowl hashtags could be used to discuss the event. That would make more people see it and create awareness of the house.

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  2. This would be an awesome topic to tie into large events like the Super Bowl! Since the Ronald McDonald house is an organization made to help people and families in need, having a Super Bowl party at the house would be an awesome event to market and help people get involved!

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  3. I think you covered the topic at hand very well! I personally agree with your statements. Social media can be used to exploit a business marketing campaign. Especially with large events such as the Super Bowl, many potential customers are possible to view the content. I think you said it correctly when stating that small business can use trends to attract customers.

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  4. Super Bowl parties are a great way to get everyone involved!! I also think that non-profits using the super bowl hashtags on their social media really would help get everyone involved too. It would help them have a larger presence on social media during that time and reach a larger audience.

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