Social Media: The New Grassroots Movement

protein world

The chances of a company, regardless of size or classification, not having some sort of social media presence in the modern age are very slim. Most start-ups build their social media presence from their inception. A strong social media presence from the beginning can help small companies get their name visible and begin to build a reputation.

In many regards, a small company has more to gain from a well-supported social media presence than a well-known national company. In the days of yore, start-ups would often employ a grassroots campaign to generate word-of-mouth and interest in their service, product, or their brand. Now, social media has become the new grassroots campaign of today’s business world.

Grassroots campaigns for the business world means generating buzz at a smaller level before expanding nationally and relying on word-of-mouth. Book clubs are good grassroots campaign starters for novels. Restaurants testing new products in certain locations is another example. But online forums and social media platforms have allowed even those businesses to move their grassroots campaigns online and reach more people.

For example, start-ups can create Twitter campaigns to create a trending movement for a product their selling. A YouTube video has the potential to go viral. Facebook can host a company page, filled with information and photos of their product, employees, and any aspect that adds to a company’s visibility and personality. All these sites can be used successfully to generate buzz around a company.

A recent example is Protein World (a UK based workout supplement company), who caught flack for a photo advertisement. Some Twitter users tweeted criticism, but many others gave the company support. Either way, the company started trending and Protein World capitalized on the newfound attention to promote their products. Other examples include Soundwave and OnePageCRM.

As stated, any company absolutely requires social media presence in the business world of 2016. However, in terms of gaining a larger presence and promotion, a smaller company has the potential for much larger gains than a large, well-established company.



3 Examples of what Social Media can do for Startups


One thought on “Social Media: The New Grassroots Movement

  1. I definitely agree with your statement that all businesses these days have to have some sort of social media presence. Without it they cannot build up their reputation and become a well-known name within their industry. One thing to consider is what the company’s target market is and how they can effectively communicate with them.

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